Our societies have a discordant 

relationship with radiation technology.

We heavily rely on nuclear fission as a

source of power, and use ionising radiation

within medicine. 

The risks of using nuclear power are great 

but the consequences of a disaster are dire.

The 1986 disaster at Chernobyl created a 

nuclear wasteland around the power plant

in Ukraine that was deemed an uninhabitable 

zone. Whilst clad in protective suits,

researchers monitoring the area reported a 

kind of paradise surrounding the plant. 

Lush fruit trees grow in the deserted town 

of Pripyat and animal life is flourishing. 

The deadly radiation is only detectable 

with specialist equipment or by 

observing the mutated flora and fauna.

With this piece i wanted to explore how 

radiation mutates cells and distorts the 

fabric and function of them. I distorted 

the shapes I constructed with, trying to 

create awkwardness by squaring off 

curves and squashing the hand built 

clay girders.

The mood of the piece was inspired by 

the by the German electro music group 

Kraftwerk in their song Radioactivitat that

appeared on their 1975 album of the 

same name. Its melancholic tones 

suggest something of the uncomfortable 

relationship we have with something 

that is integral to how we live our lives

but incredibly volatile.

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